We’ve all been there. If you don’t have kids of your own, maybe you remember the days of one or both of your parents telling you sternly not to touch the thermostat. Maybe now you are that parent gatekeeping the thermostat, maybe you are the rebellious temperature-adjuster striking dividends into your home’s heating bill in the night like a heat ninja- okay, maybe we got carried away there.

The point is, even if you live alone, you’ve experienced the Thermostat Wars. That battle between hot and cold, comfortable and uncomfortable, coziness vs costliness. Well, we here at BEAR Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning respect a comfortable home, and if that means keeping the peace by laying down some law, we’ll happily oblige. So here is BEAR’s 5 step list to surviving the Thermostat Wars.

Step 1:
Sit down with your household and discuss what temperatures you feel comfortable at. Both awake, and sleeping

Step 2:
Do some math, take a vote, do whatever you need to do, but pick two temperature settings; one temperature for daytime, and one for night.

Step 3:
Choose a time that the household generally wakes up, as well as a time that the household typically goes to bed.

Step 4:
Commit to setting the temperature to the predetermined settings at the times chosen in step 3. Set the thermostat to one setting when you wake up, and another when you go to bed. Otherwise,

Step 5:
Don’t. Touch. The Thermostat. Use blankets and slippers if you need them, but leave it alone.


Follow those steps, and you’ll see savings in your next heating bill, and hopefully some peace and comfort in your home. If you’re looking for ways to save even more money on heating bills, consider purchasing an automated thermostat with a built-in timer, or one that works over wi-fi.

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