If it’s time to clean and sanitize your carpet, then it’s probably time to clean some of your furniture. Let BEAR show you how amazing we can make it look!

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Our truckmount machines deliver over 220 degrees of heat directly to the area we are cleaning, or we can dial it back to a lower temperature for your more delicate materials, such as certain furniture fabrics. Our highly experienced staff knows what temperature range is needed for your specific cleaning needs. People are amazed how well an old couch or chair that has been in their family for years turns out. We have the products, the technology, and the experience to make sure your job turns out fantastic every time!

Don’t forget that keeping your furniture looking great for a long time is made easy with our Scotchgard upholstery protection. As with carpet, it protects your furniture from spills or any other little mistakes, giving you that much appreciated extra layer of protection.

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