At BEAR, we know that you take pride in keeping a clean home, and your tile floor is no exception. Over time though it just seems to get more and more difficult to achieve the same shine that you remember.

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What happens is over time you, alone, are unable to remove all the dirt, grease, and grime out of your grout and even the tile itself. We know it doesn’t look like it, but tile and grout are actually very porous, and collect dirt just as easy as carpet. Now, not everyone likes to keep cleaning the same area over and over, so let BEAR get the dirt out once and for all.


Our cleaning process delivers over 220 degrees of high pressure water directly to the floor with our spinning jet wand. Our top rated pre-spray solution breaks up all the years of deep down dirt and oils to give you back the tiled floor that you remember. Some of your more stubborn areas require us to use our grout line scrubbing brush which will help make sure all areas are looking like new.

After the cleaning is all done and we have dried the floor we recommend you have us apply our grout sealer. This will help keep the dirt and oils out of the grout and make your everyday cleaning that much easier. We want your tile floor to be as clean as the rest of your home. Because keeping your socks clean walking on your tile floor helps keep your flooring everywhere else clean as well!

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