Whether it’s a small smoke problem in your home/business, or a devastating fire loss that has occurred, BEAR is here to take care of you.

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Our 24/7 emergency service is second to none! We will arrive on scene ready to get you back to pre-smoke/fire condition. Our certified techs are meticulous at what they do! They will CLEAN every square inch of the affected area to make sure all signs of smoke damage soot are gone!

After all, CLEANING is in our name!

On an all out fire loss, we will board up your home/business right away so you can be rest assured that your most important property and belongings are safe from the elements. You have enough to worry about at that moment so we take pride in making this tramatic event as easy on you as it can be.


We work hand in hand with you and your insurance company throughout the entire process. And our fully licensed/insured building crew will get your home/business back to even better than you remembered it!

At BEAR, we know how easy events like these can happen to anyone at any time. We are in this community with you and we pledge to treat your loss as if it was our own home.


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