Remember watching your mom or your grandma take their rugs outside to hit them? And the amount of dirt that would come out?

We remember.

And they were on to something…

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See the first step to getting an area rug looking like new is to remove as much dirt out of it as possible. Now luckily we have a better solution to this than ‘beating the rug’. Our dry soil extraction tool removes the dirt that a regular household vacuum cannot. This is important for two reasons… First, dirt buildup on your rug can actually damage the delicate fibers and cause scratching, which over time can dull the look of your rug. Second, it just makes sense that when we do our full submersion cleaning, that there be as little dirt in the fibers as possible.

We know how expensive of an investment you have made in your rugs. They can easily cost in the thousands to purchase. And for that amount of money, you expect them to last and look great for a lifetime. Let us help.

Here’s how it works. We will come to your home and carefully remove your rugs and bring them back to our facility. We then begin the cleaning process with our dry soil removal and follow that with our full submersion cleaning. This is concluded with a full rinse of your rugs to remove any remaining cleaning product. Then it’s off to our humidity controlled room for the quick drying. Finally, usually a week from picking up the rugs, it is time to bring them back home to you!

Let us show you how ‘The BEAR Difference’ can give you back the look and feel of your rugs that you’ve been missing.

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