MOLD… No one even likes the sound of that word, let alone having an issue with it inside your home or business. Don’t worry, BEAR has got you covered on that.

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Our certified and trained staff will not only take care of the existing problem (no matter how extensive it is) we will get to the bottom of the “cause” of the mold. There is more to it, than just “killing” or “sealing” the mold, you have to take care of the source. Our goal is to make it so you never have to call us again for a mold problem. We take pride in leaving your home or business with you feeling assured that the whole problem has been taken care of.


For your benefit, the mitigation process can be an extensive experience. It includes sealing off areas to prevent further contamination to your structure, an absolute must for mold removal. Once the mold growth is removed and the affected area treated, you can regain your sanity, knowing the job was done right.

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