Tile floors may seem less prone to stains and discoloring than carpets and rugs, but the grout used to hold the tiles together and the stone used to make the tiles themselves can often be quite porous, allowing liquids to become trapped inside and weaken your tile, as well as stain your tile. In this post, we’ll be discussing the best way to clean your tile.
The longer grease stains and spills go untreated, the worse the damage will be to your tile. The best way to keep your tile in good condition is to clean it regularly. Sweep or vacuum your floors to stop them from getting dull from sediment that gets ground into the tile. Using a rag or something similar, use detergent and clean water to clean your tile floors regularly.
Sponge mops tend to push the dirty mop water and sediment further into your grout, so we reccomend using a regular mop and changing the water frequently while mopping.
If your tile floors are not cleaned regularly, it is easy for them to lose their shine and brightness. Luckily for you, Bear Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning offers tile and grout cleaning to leave your floors looking brand new. Contact us today for a free estimate!