The art of cleaning rugs has been around for thousands of years (as long as rugs, as a matter of fact!), and you’d be surprised at what has changed, and what hasn’t. Maybe you remember watching your grandma taking her rugs outside to hit them with a rug beater, and the amount of dirt that would come out of her rugs. Well, she was on to something, and we’ve taken it further.

When BEAR Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning cleans your rugs, we take them from your home and bring them back to our facility, where we take grandma’s advice to heart. Our dry soil extraction tool uses kinetic energy to extract more soil from your rug than a vacuum cleaner ever could. Using methods that keep your rugs 100% safe, we get rid of dirt and dirt buildup that can damage the delicate fibers of your rug and cause scratching, which can dull your rug over time.

After the dry soil extraction process, we take your rug through a full submersion cleaning, followed by full rinse to remove any remaining cleaning product from your rug. After that, it’s off to our humidity-controlled room for a quick drying process, and your rug is clean as new and ready to be dropped back off to your home!

From pickup to drop-off, the full rug cleaning process only takes about a week. For a free estimate, and to schedule your rug cleaning today, call (989) 631-3267, or contact us online at