For this next installment in our series of blog posts focusing on covering some of our most frequently asked questions, we’re going to take a look at our furniture cleaning prices. Along with carpet cleaning prices, this is one of those questions that we get all the time, and with rates as good as ours, we’re never afraid to talk prices.

Some furniture is larger than others, and some are harder to clean, for this reason, our prices have a small window in pricing for variation of furniture styles and material.

A chair cost $25-40
A love seat runs $45-55
A standard couch runs $65-75
And a sectional couch runs $100-150

For those prices, our truckmount machine will arrive on-site to deliver up to over 220 degrees of heat directly to the furniture, or we can dial the temperature back for more delicate materials. Our truckmount machine combined with our cleaning solutions and extensive knowledge from 20 years of experience will leave you amazed at how your furniture can look and feel.

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