Summer is finally here. That means beach days, barbecues, outdoor activities, and if you aren’t careful, filthy carpets. We all know how bad carpets can get in the summer, so here’s five tips we came up with to help keep your carpets clean all summer long.

1. Use an entryway rug. If you don’t have a tiled entryway, a rug can be a great way to collect dirt and mud that dirty shoes might attempt to track into your carpet. Unless you plan on taking your shoes off outside your house, an entryway rug is a necessity.

2. Take off your shoes when you enter the house. In many households, this may go without saying, but taking off your shoes (preferably using an entryway rug) before entering a house may be the easiest and most effective way to keep your carpets clean. You may think your shoes are clean enough to wear indoors, but chances are, they aren’t.

3. Vacuum often. No matter the season, vacuuming is essential to carpet care. No matter what you do, especially with all of summer’s outdoor activities, some dirt might get into your carpet from outside the house. A weekly (or more!) vacuuming will keep that carpet looking clean and hide any dirt that manages it’s way in.

4. Sweep/mop entryways often. If you ahve a carpeted entryway and use an entryway rug, make sure you shake out the rug outside every now and then. If you have a tiled or wooden entryway, make sure it is swept and mopped often. Dirt builds up over time, and the entryway is an area of the house that is easy to overlook while cleaning.

5. Call BEAR. If it’s too much to handle, if the damage is already too far gone, or if you just don’t have the time, BEAR has you covered. Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment rivals the best out there, and we’ve got 20 years of experience in the tri cities area to back it up. Servicing Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, and the surrounding areas, BEAR water restoration and carpet cleaning treats any floor. Visit us online or call today at (989)631-3267 for a free estimate.