After servicing the mid-Michigan area for over 20 years, we know that fall weather in Michigan can go from t-shirt weather to freezing temperatures in just a matter of days. For today’s installation in our series of home fall preparation tips, we’re going to focus on some aspects of your home that can be severely damaged if you’re not prepared when those temperatures plummet.


The first step you’ll want to take to protect your outdoor faucets and hoses from being damaged from freezing water is to take a quick walk around your house to locate all exterior faucets, and to remove all attached water hoses. Before we go any further with the faucets, we’re going to take a quick look at the best way to drain and store your exterior water hoses.


To safely store your exterior hoses for the colder weather, first shut off any spigots the hoses are attached to, as well as any spray nozzles or lawn sprinklers. After you have disconnected any attachments, disconnect the garden hose from the spigot, and drain the hose completely. Once the hose has been drained of water, coil the hose, making sure that there are no kinks, and then, if possible, connect the end fittings of the hose to each other on each end, creating one endless loop and blocking any insects from getting in. After the hoses are drained, coiled, and connected, store them in a dry place inside the house or garage.

After you’ve removed and stored all hoses connected to your exterior faucets, locate the individual shutoff valve for each faucet on the supply lines leading to the faucets. These are usually located near the main water shutoff valve or in the ceiling of the basement of your house. Once you’ve shut off each of the individual water valves for your exterior faucets, go outside to open the faucets and let any excess water drain out. Go back to the individual shutoff valves and remove the bleeder cap to drain any remaining water from the pipe. You’ll want to hold a bucket or large cup under the bleeder to hold the water.

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