Welcome back to our series of blog posts full of useful home tips for carpet cleaning, and carpet cleaning emergencies. If you’ve been reading these posts as a series, you’ve already read our first blog post and know one of the most important things you can remember when a carpet cleaning emergency or accidental carpet spill happens; don’t panic! Maybe you’ve spilled a glass of wine on your pristine living room carpet, or maybe you’ve dropped a plate of greasy food on the brand new carpet in your dining room, either way, we’re here to give you our next big carpet cleaning tips, and possibly the most important tip in this entire series: ammonia and vinegar are your friends!

This method is especially effective for those nasty and lingering grease stains, but you’ll be surprised how many stains and spills this will lift from your carpet, and what a life saver these two common household cleaning agents can be! Both Ammonia and Vinegar are natural cleaners and sanitizers, and are available in bulk for cheap at any grocery or cleaning store.

We recommend creating your own carpet cleaning solution by mixing ¼ cup ammonia with ¼ cup white vinegar and 3 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in 2 gallons of water. This mixture can be used in your commercial carpet cleaning machine, or as a standard carpet cleaning solution. Pretty much any spill can be solved with these three simple solutions. Make sure to dilute the ammonia and white vinegar, and just in case you aren’t already aware, never mix bleach with either of these household cleaning agents. Mixing bleach with cleaning agents or with ammonia will create very dangerous and toxic fumes, bleach and ammonia or bleach and household cleaners are never to be mixed!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to share these posts and bookmark our website for more useful home carpet cleaning tips and tips for emergency carpet cleaning. And if your stain is too tough to take care of on your own, or if you’re interested in scotch-guard treatment to protect your carpet from spills before they happen, give us a call or contact us from our website here at Bear Carpet Cleaning and Water Restoration.