Spring is in the air, and with warmer weather, you’re probably opening some windows to let that spring air into your home. With open windows comes sunlight, and let’s be honest, if you haven’t cleaned your home thoroughly in a while, sunlight might not be as flattering to guests in your home as you may think. It gets easy to overlook the dust, the stains, and the clutter when you spend every day in the same rooms. After servicing the mid-Michigan area for over 20 years, BEAR has seen thousands of homes, and after compiling our experience and research, we’ve got you covered top to bottom with our 2019 Home Spring Cleaning Checklist.

For the first post in this series, we’ll be focusing on the kitchen. For some, a kitchen is a social area, for others, a place of storage and light cooking. Whatever your kitchen means to you, chances are it has endured quite a bit of use during the winter.


Before we start:
1. Put on some music

  1. Wash and put away any dirty dishes
  2. Clear out anything that does not belong in the kitchen
  3. Throw out all trash in the kitchen
  4. Gather cleaning supplies
  5. Empty dishwasher (if applicable)
  6. Dust cabinets
  7. Open any kitchen windows (or at least open the blinds if they are shut)
    9. Remove all items from countertops
  8. Remove all items from drawers, including silverware.
  9. Clean all silverware if you have not yet.


Next, we’ll focus on organization:
1. Take out all the food in the cupboards and pantries

  1. Check labels and throw away items that are expired, or otherwise unusable, and set aside items to donate if you know that you will not use them by the expiration date.
  2. Clean and organize inside of refrigerator.


Now while all of the food is out of your kitchen cupboards and pantries, we’ll do some deep surface cleaning

  1. Wipe down all cupboards and drawers with soapy water or kitchen cleaner. This includes shelves, drawers, handles, the inside and outside of doors, and cabinet doors.
  2. Clean inside of refrigerator if you didn’t in the last set of steps. Wipe down inside of refrigerator and shelving inside as well. Do the same with your freezer.
  3. Clean all appliances top to bottom with soapy water or kitchen cleaner. This includes stovetops, refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, sinks, etc.
  4. Wipe down all countertops and other surface areas with soapy water or kitchen cleaner.
  5. Clean floor with mop and kitchen cleaner.


After cleaning all surfaces and appliances in the kitchen:
1. Put all items back in drawers, such as silverware.

  1. Put all food items back in the kitchen, organized with most used towards the front, and least often used towards the back.


Follow these steps, and take a look at what a difference you can make in your kitchen. If your floors don’t look just how they want, or you decide you want some bigger changes, give us a call at Bear Carpet Cleaning and Water Restoration. We’ve been servicing the Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, and beyond for over 20 years. Check here on our website for a full list of services and our phone number for a free estimate. When you need it done, BEAR does it best.