Whether it’s a small water issue, or an extreme event like a broken pipe or a flood with water levels rising in the basement, Bear Water Restoration is here to help with 24/7 emergency response, and we will get to your home or business as fast as we can. In this series of blog posts, we will explore a few things that you can do until we arrive that will reduce the level of damage.
In our last post in the series, we discussed contacting your insurance company to give them the most accurate information possible for your claim. In this post, we will be discussing the last step you should take during a water damage emergency, rescuing your pized posessions.
By this point, you should already have verified the safety of stopping the water source, and if safe, attempted to do so. You should also have contacted BEAR Water Restoration for our 24/7 emergency water damage response, along with contacting your insurance company to let them know how extensive the damage is.
Once you have done all of those things, and only if you are sure it is safe to do so, you may begin to move your prized posessions or anything else you want to be safe from water damage away from the affected area. As a reminder, DO NOT go anywhere near the water damaged area if there is a live current or any kind of electricity running through that area of your home. Water is extremely conductive to electricity and being electrocuted should be avoided at all costs.
When you are moving your posessions, concentrate on the things that are most important to you, and the things that are still dry first. Saving the dry items first will ensure that they stay dry, and do not become damaged if the water issue continues. Once you have rescued your prized posessions and dry items, move them to dry higher ground, and wait for the professionals at Bear Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning to arrive and take care of your water damage emergency.
Our 24/7 emergency response service is on hand any time, day or night, to take your call. Bear Water Restoration can be there for you at a moment’s notice, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime for your water damage and water restoration needs!