Whether it’s a small water issue, or an extreme event like a broken pipe or a flood with water levels rising in the basement, Bear is here to help with 24/7 emergency response, and we will get to your home or business as fast as we can. In this series of blog posts, we will explore a few things that you can do until we arrive that will reduce the level of damage.

First, and always most importantly, is your safety. If the water is in an area that could cause any risk of danger to you and your family, get out of that area. If the water is in an area with electricity running through it, that water could be electrically charged. The same applies to anything connected to the electrical in that area. If you are ever unsure of whether the area is safe, it is best to keep yourself and your loved ones clear of the water to minimize any risk of harm.

No possession is as important as your life, so always put safety first. No matter how bad the water damage emergency is, you can relax knowing that Bear is on the way, with 24/7 emergency water damage response and water restoration.