By now, we’ve gotten pretty deep into the trenches of Fall. Halloween has passed, the leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees, and temperatures of course, are plummeting. The time has rolled back, and the sun sets earlier, in conditions like these, your house is bound to start getting cold.
If you’re caught up with our previous Fall home tips, you’ll have already checked the insulation on your doors and windows, and prepared your outdoor pipes and hoses for the cold winter ahead. Today we’re going to focus on your dryer vents, and your heating vents, both of which are sure to get plenty of use in the cold, coming months.
Fall’s cold and dry weather increases the chance for static electricity. You’ll notice this all the time walking around in your socks indoors, harmlessly shocking yourself, but when it comes to your dryer vents, the smallest amount of static electricity has the possibility of igniting highly flammable lint buildup, very much not harmless. Hiring a duct cleaning specialist, or cleaning the vent yourself can potentially save your house this fall or winter, and as always, don’t forget to clean your dryer’s lint trap after every use.
Our next topic is very similar to our first. This time, instead of focusing on lint buildup in your dryer, we’re looking at lint buildup in your heating vents and filters. If you don’t regularly replace your air filters, or haven’t recently, you will want to do so immediately to filter out unwanted particles and bacteria from your home’s heating and ventilation system. After doing so, check the heating vents themselves for lint buildup, which can block airflow and reduce the efficiency of your home’s heating.
As always, if you run across any troubles, or just want to save yourself the time and trouble and have BEAR take care of it for you, contacts us any time 24/7 here at our website or at (989) 631-3267.