Welcome back to our series of blog posts full of useful home tips for carpet cleaning, and carpet cleaning emergencies. In our previous post, we discussed how to keep the affected area damp with a wet towel or spray bottle until Bear Water Restoration can come to treat your affected carpet or rug for you.
In this post, we will be discussing the next step in the home carpet stain remedy process. As we discussed in the last post, carpet stains occur when a colored liquid comes in contact with the carpet or rug, and then the water in the liquid dries out, leaving your carpet with the leftover components and color of the spilled liquid.

A great way to stop the components of the liquid from leaving a lasting residue on your carpet is to transfer the residue to another (less valued) material. Whether this material is an old towel that you have no plans on using, or a t-shirt that you never plan to wear again, the idea is to transfer the stain to something that you don’t mind being stained, or something that can easily go in the washing machine.

After you have placed your towel or t shirt on the stain, you’ll want to weigh the towel down to maximize surface area exposed to the stain. The best way to do this is to take something reasonably heavy, such as a stack of books or a cooking pot, and place it on the towel or t-shirt.

We reccommend placing the weighted object inside a plastic shopping or garbage bag before placing them on the stain, since (especially if you have dampened or sprayed the stain) there is a high likelihood of the stain soaking through the towel or t-shirt. The last thing we want is stained books on top of a stained carpet!

As always, the smartest thing that you can do when you encounter a spill or stain on your carpet is to cal the experts at Bear Water Restoration and Carpet Cleaning. Our seasoned pros have been dealing with tough stains long enough to tackle any problem that gets thrown at your carpet. And remember, BEAR can also apply scotch-guard to your carpets or rugs to prevent future stains before they happen.

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