During our 20 years of providing upholstery cleaning services to Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, and the surrounding areas, we at Bear Carpet Cleaning & Water Restoration have seen some pretty dirty couches. Today we’re going to share one of our secrets for cleaning a dusty, stained, or just well-loved couch back to its former glory. Here’s 5 steps to clean your couch.
1. Use a hand vacuum or a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove all of the surface debris from your furniture. Do this to both sides of your couch cushions, if they are removable. Dust, pet hair, crumbs, food, and dirt all accumulate within the crevices between your couch cushions.
2. Clean any non-fabric parts of the couch. This includes wood or metal. Wipe them down with a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap.
3. Find out what kind of fabric your couch has on it. This can be found on the tag with the upholstery cleaning instructions. The codes for cleaning are as follows:
WS: Mild detergent with a steam vacuum or dry-cleaning detergent
S: Dry cleaner detergent only
X: Use vacuum only. No water.
W. Water can be used to clean this piece of furniture.
4. Remove stains using an appropriate solution. Solutions for cleaning furniture can either be store bought or homemade. Look out in the near future for a blog post on home furniture stain removal solutions!
5. Let the couch dry. Feel free to use a towel to soak up any excess water on the couch surface. Otherwise, let the sofa air dry. Point a fan at the sofa if the air in your home or couch area is humid.
As always, if this sounds like something you’d rather let someone else worry about, give us a call at Bear Carpet Cleaning and Water Restoration. We’ve got the tools available to give your couch or home furniture a professional clean that even the best home remedies can’t match. Call us today, or message us on the ‘contact us’ menu to set up a free consultation today!