You know how they say that a magician never reveals their tricks? Well, we’re here today to reveal some of our coveted carpet cleaning magic that you can use in your home. Does this make us bad carpet magicians? We don’t think so. Will this upset other carpet magicians? Almost certainly. Between you and us, here are five secrets to keeping a cleaner carpet. But really, if anyone asks, you didn’t get these from us.


  1. Chewing gum stuck in your carpets can be a nightmare to remove, but there’s a secret you can use to get it out easily. Take an ice cube and freeze the gum for about 30 seconds until it is soli, then take a pair of scissors and cut the carpet as close to the gum as you can. If you’ve done this well, the spot where the gum used to be should barely be noticeable at all.
  2. Don’t rub stains, blot them! This secret applies to almost all stains, and can make stain removal a much less painful process. Rather than rubbing at stains with a wet paper towel, cloth, or sponge, dab stains with a small amount of pressure. Rubbing the stains will only grind the stain deeper into the fabrics of the carpet.
  3. Got blood on your carpet? We won’t ask why, but we can tell you the secret to removing it. To get those nasty stains left from papercuts and scraped knees, use hydrogen peroxide. You’ll want to loosen it with warm water first, but after applying the peroxide, dab it away with a towel to dry the carpet.
  4. This carpet cleaning secret is the second most powerful on our list, and one of the most universal. Shaving cream makes for a great stain remover and can be used to remove a surprising number of blemishes from your carpet. Once the shaving cream has set, you can blot it away with a cloth to find a stainless carpet underneath.
  5. At last, we are here to the most powerful secret of all when it comes to keeping a cleaner carpet. It may come to many as a surprise that this is our worst kept secret! We’ve been giving this one away for over 20 years, and we can’t seem to keep our mouths shut about it. The real secret to keeping a cleaner carpet? Regular steam cleanings from Bear Carpet Cleaning! Keeping up on your carpets regularly with BEAR always has and always will produce amazing results that will leave your house looking and smelling fresher. Contact us on our website today or call the number at the top of the page for a FREE consultation! When it comes to keeping carpet cleaning secrets, we might be the worst, but when it comes to your carpets, Bear Does It Best.